Tips from Students – Reddit Post

This post will just compile some of the most useful tips we pulled from our reddit post. Feel free to jump on it and contribute.

1. Many people said that they work between 20-25 hours a week when in session at uni in an attempt to keep their heads above water. Seems to be the most comfortable working amount to coincide with study. I also do the same amount.

2. A car is really handy, that’s no big secret. If you are living near uni/work and have friends living around you then it seems many people think using public transport is the most economically friendly option.

3. Use Groupon !

4. Make sure if you are eligible for Centerlink then claim it !

5. Use Jetstar price match for a getaway!

6. Try Crunch Fitness

7. Don’t be a picky eater and consumer of expensive cuisine! Plenty of time for that later!


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