Cheap Haircuts and Makeup

Are you currently saving your money so you can get a new look hairstyle? Are you a risk taker when it comes to new hairstyles?

Getting a style, cut and colour (for a female, I’m not sure about males) can cost upwards for $150. So, if you fit the above profile why not call your local Tafe and ask about the appointments and the cost of having the training hairdressers give you a new look. The cost can be $30 (depending on the Tafe). THE CATCH, you better hope you have got yourself a good trainee, otherwise you might end up looking like Krusty the Clown.

Many Tafes also provide beauty services, for those not willing to sacrifice their hair but still wishing for a new look.

The below website can help with people wishing for the above services in the Sutherland Shire, Padstow and Ultimo areas. If are not in these areas, simply call your local Tafe and ask if they provide these service.


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